Our journey with Internet Marketing came one night when we stumbled across an ad for Legendary Marketer on Social Media. The gentleman that was speaking, David Sharpe, seemed to be speaking right to us as if he knew us personally. He was asking all sorts of questions like, are you tired of working paycheck to paycheck?  Are you tired of working for “the man”?  Do you want more family time?  Do you want to be your own boss?

  So we started to do some research on our own into the Internet Marketing business and what David Sharpe was talking about. We decided what the heck lets give it a shot and see what its all about.  After all he was giving us a free trial with his blueprints into how he succeeded in Internet Marketing and became his own boss.

  Promoting Wealth from Home is our Calling to teach you how to Promote yourself and start your own online business. We show you the same fundamentals of Internet Marketing that Legendary Marketer showed us to be able to be your own boss, to work from home, to have more family time and to live the “laptop lifestyle”.

  These fundamentals are NOT a “get rich quick” scheme and you will need to put in the work to get anything out of it. Once you see RESULTS it becomes an ADDICTION! Get Started without using a credit card! Just Your “SWEAT EQUITY”