Everyone is Looking for their Piece of the Puzzle…

What I discovered is that you do not make money as an Entrepreneur or as a successful small business owner by simply having one piece of that puzzle.  That is why as you dig through my website you will discover many beautiful and helpful things to purchase as well as many Money Making Opportunities right here between these pages!  So, READ ON!

Momma Always Said…

Learn to do one thing Really well before you step off to another thing!  So you will notice that I have Skin care, Makeup, Nutrition and Several Fashion options here within these proverbial “walls” to get you started!  That is where my Entrepreneurial spirit began!

And Daddy followed up with…

Make sure you know about your finances, learn about the Business world!  Learn more than one way to make money, have a back up plan!  So Next up You are going to find This Incredible Link within these “walls” to a FREE VIDEO on how to make money working online!  A true earn while you learn system!

My Vision

We are a team, not just a family. We can accomplish anything working together. My belief is that if you work smart and put forth your full effort you Can succeed in Life. My love of helping others succeed drives me to be better in life and better in business.
The Love of teaching others has driven my social media presence, my blog and video’s. I believe that with your success I will be even more successful in life.
And as always, with God, Anything is Possible!


I am driven and inspired by my desire to spend more time with my family!  Just like the average American, that is my dream.  I want to be able to take care of our parents, spoil the grandkids later in life and travel to my hearts’ content.  I Love animals, my current passion is our two pugs, Cushla and Cailin.  Sisters by birth, but it took a while and a rescue for them both to end up in our home.  Now they are both spoiled rotten and we intend to continue doing so.

Our History…

We were brought to this point in our lives and business through an amazing journey!
My background has everything in it, beginning with an Amazing teaching environment of women in my family who believed that a woman can do Anything she sets her mind to. Backed up by a father that fully supported me in whatever I set my mind to try.

I learned a lot about life along the way being in the Army, running my own catering business, beauty & fashion consultant, being a District Manager in the Hospitality business and even driving cross country tractor trailer.
My Love of learning as well as teaching has led me to this point in life.

My business partner, who is also the love of my life is a tech savvy, amazing man who did not even graduate high school. Yet, he has owned two successful businesses while holding down his job driving tractor trailer for the last 23 years. He is self-taught on computers, graphics, digital music making, websites, real estate investing and is all in with me in online marketing too!

Our paths crossed and we became friends 15 years ago and finally became partners 6 years ago. It has been all Uphill from there!


Meet the Team

I have The Best Team Ever!!!

Patrick W. Heller

Co-Founder; Awesome Guy

Patrick, is the Man that makes my world go round!  He is the Most Amazing person and has the ability to focus and keep our many projects streamlined and making money! He has a Great Laugh too!

Ma Cushla


This gal is a cookie thief, an inspiration of laughs, and a great snuggle buddy with Severe Daddy-itis

Ma Cailin

Team Member

This gal is a cookie thief, an inspiration of laughs, and a great snuggle buddy with Severe Mommy-itis

My Wish

for you is happiness, peace of heart and a long prosperous life.

God Bless and Namaste’, Much Love~ Janet

Don’t Forget to Dream Big, Believe in Yourself and Hey! Join our Team! We are Always looking to add new future successful entrepreneurs’ like you to our team. You would be surprised at what we have to offer…Just REACH OUT AND ASK ! Email me at Janetm@janetmccue.com or even text me at 480-500-1472.