Everyone wants the piece of the pie, of the puzzle.  If you want your wallet and life to be full, you need many more pieces; like me, I filled mine by helping.  I love helping people, I always have that is probably why I enjoy writing a cooking blog, a life blog, a money blog, whatever you want to call it!  Back when I was in my twenties it was my home that was filled with people looking for that cup of coffee, that slice of pie, that friendly word.  I think that is why I like my life and writing a cooking blog so much.  It enables me to help people in so many different ways.

So, as you dig through my website, keep an eye out for links in my every blog  for steals & deals too.  You’ll have to go read them to find them.  So go on, be brave, join the family, be brave and subscribe. Oh yeah, you like Making Money? Read on in that “cooking or life blog” and you will see the links for that too.  

Momma Always Said…

Learn to do one thing Really well before you step off to another thing!  So you will notice that I have a little bit of everything here.  Because if you keep your Mind and Body Active you will Feel the difference that simple Movement can mean!  This is a hint of what you will find in my cooking blog or life blog.

And Daddy followed up with…

Make sure you know about your finances, learn about the Business world!  Learn more than one way to make money, have a back up plan!  Do not ever count on anyone but yourself to pay your bills.  What ever happened to that frame of mind?  Daddy said pay your bills Janet, so I did and do…hence the talk about a money blog right in the middle or that cooking blog or life blog.

My Vision

We can accomplish anything working together. My belief is that if you work smart and put forth your full effort you Can succeed in Life. My love of helping others succeed drives me to be better in life and better in business.
The Love of teaching others has driven my social media presence, my cooking blog, life blog and video’s. I believe that with your success I will be even more successful in life.
And as always, with God, Anything is Possible!


I am driven and inspired by my desire to spend more time with my family!  Just like everyone I know, that is my dream.  I want to be able to take care of our parents, grand-kids and yes, our two pugs, Cushla and Cailin. 

Our History…

My background has everything in it, a diverse management background as well as living life in the “men’s world” of military & trucking. Backed up by  a Mother & Father that fully supported me in whatever I set my mind to try.

My business partner, who is also the love of my life is a tech savvy, amazing man who did not even graduate high school. Yet, he has owned two successful businesses while holding down his job driving tractor trailer for the last 23 years. He is self-taught on computers, graphics, digital music making, websites, real estate investing and is a podcast host!

Our paths crossed and we became friends 15 years ago and finally became partners 6 years ago. It has been all Uphill from there!


Meet the Team

I have The Best Team Ever!!!

Patrick W. Heller

Co-Founder; Awesome Guy

Patrick, is the Man that makes my world go round!  He is the Most Amazing person and has the ability to focus and keep our many projects streamlined and making money! He has a Great Laugh too!


Ma Cushla


This gal is a cookie thief, an inspiration of laughs, and a great snuggle buddy with Severe Daddy-itis

Ma Cailin

Team Member

This gal is a cookie thief, an inspiration of laughs, and a great snuggle buddy with Severe Mommy-itis

My Wish

for you is happiness, peace of heart and a long prosperous life.

God Bless and Namaste’, Much Love~ Janet



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