Chatting with Momma Janet

Hi, It’s Momma Janet

So, Where do I begin a blog?? I #Love Life! Most people would wonder Why?  I am in my 50’s, I have done some #AMAZING things in my life too even with two (yes two) TBI’s.  I would love to take the opportunity to share some of those experiences with you via this Blog.

Today is just me telling you what to #expect to find in the future.

I Love so many things in Life, let me clue you in on some of them!

  • Skincare ~ Take care of your skin! it is the only one you have.  Plus, if you have EVER had a Relaxing, Soothing Facial…you would know how enjoyable taking care or your skin can be!
  • Makeup ~ Hello…it kind of goes hand in hand with skincare AND… it can BOOST your Self-Confidence…and let’s be Honest here.  Who couldn’t use a few extra ENDORPHINS running around in their system?
  • Fashion ~ Well, have we hit the Trifecta for you taking care of you here or what?  Fashion is Not about buying the most expensive, “in” thing on the rack!  Let Me SHARE A SECRET with YOU…Are you paying attention?  It Is about finding clothes that fit you well and flatter YOUR sense of Style!
  • Cooking & Baking ~ I LOVE Both (no they are not the same) and I Love sharing what I make.  Designing new recipes from what is in my head and SHARING THEM.  I was told years ago by my sister to write a cookbook.  That way I could share all my family recipes and those of my own with others.
  • Nutrition ~ It kind of helps with the love of cooking and baking if you think about it.  Ying and Yang, there has to be balance in life.
  • Cleaning ~ I have learned some of the Greatest Cleaning Hacks in my life!  Some from living in Germany, some from living on an Army Post.  So many handed down from so many women in my life that have taught me about life.  Oh and did I mention that I Actually Like cleaning?
  • Organizing ~  If you are good at organizing, your life is SO MUCH EASIER!  I bet you have heard “A place for everything and everything in its’ place!”  Who would have thought it was true and makes life easier?? OCD….yep that is me…
  • Making Money ~ Who doesn’t like making money?  HELLOOO!!!  I am involved with several companies AND MAKING MONEY OFF THEM ALL! OH MY GOD!!!  I bet You Can’t wait for this series of blog posts!!!
  • Animals ~ Ok, so not only do I Love animals, I actually went to school to become a veterinary technician.  So, I do not work as a Vet Tech.  But I do Love helping my friends and family with their pets and saving money taking care of ours!
  • Plants ~ I am Blessed, both my parents with green thumbs…what does that give me? A green hand?? LOL more on this later too.
  • And More…

Namaste’ & Much Love ~ Momma Janet