The World Never Went Away

So, here we are in the midst of so many Crisis’ and may I say, Mind blowing events happening around us in the world right now?  And everyone is so wrapped up in it all.  I mean, think about everything that is going on currently, just here in the United States.  After all, I cannot speak about the rest of the world (but the world never went away); I do not live there and our news is warped enough about things here, much less everywhere else.

Elections, Covid-19, Riots and More

Here in the U.S. we have elections four months away, Presidential elections at that.  We have Covid-19 ravaging our people; thousands getting ill and dying daily.  We have racism brought to the forefront, more so than any time I can remember.    We have peaceful protests being blurred by riots saying they are “in the name of” the protests. We have Police Departments being defunded, some people wanting them disbanded. I for one, cannot imagine a world without police.  We have unemployment incredibly high, and businesses folding too.

We have people who were raised, like me, (not to look at a person and say “this is my ((insert skin color or religion here)) friend”) being called to light for not being more observant of non-white people.  I simply like people for who they are, not because of race or religion.  I either like you or I don’t, it has a lot to do with are you a nice person or not?

In the Name of History?

We have historical monuments being destroyed, rather than learning our lesson from them, from history (just my opinion, why not learn and not repeat history).  We are changing names of sports team mascots, streets, government buildings and more.  Ironically, some of the things being renamed have no connection at all to the situation at hand.  And yet despite all of this the world is still here, it keeps turning and never went away.


We have people who are committing suicide over all this crap too.  Think about that for a second.  Our Country sucks so bad right now that people would rather die than live in it.  People are so tired of seeing the excess drama, the excess crap our government is putting us through, that they would rather be dead.  I do not understand that, I try, I truly do.  The world isn’t going away, just the people

Peace, let us find it!

I support the right to be heard, the right to protest peacefully; I do not support rioters at all.  So, let me talk about what I saw firsthand right here in the greater Phoenix area.  First off, I did see peaceful protesters making their valid point.  That no person should be judged for the color of their skin. Also, here in America we seem as a nation to still be doing that, decades upon decades after it should have gone away.  It should never have started to begin with, but people fought and died for it to go away, so why is it still here?

Next up we had more people rioting and looting and destroying local businesses that had nothing to do with the protests or marches.  They were rioting for the sake of rioting because they could get paid (yes, sponsored rioting…only in America) and get goods out of it.  They even went after small Mom & Pop businesses; one’s that were barely surviving because of the hit taken by the pandemic.  And now those that want the world to go to hell, instead made small family businesses go away.

The Covid…

Meanwhile… back at the ranch as they used to say.  The world has not gone away, quite literally, it only feels that way.  If you think about it, 2020 started off so great for a lot of people, this was The year!  Then some of us began hearing about this corona virus in China.  Everyone said, “that won’t hit us, the rest of the world maybe, but not us”.  Then by the beginning of March people were midstream of panicking.  But even then, many were still thinking things like “It might hit NYC or LA, but not where I live”.  And again, they were wrong, sadly so. 

Amidst “the Covid”, as so many people now call it, life went on in its’ own cruel way.  People began getting out and moving around again.  They began to see this as one big Hoax, “the Man” was pulling on usThey didn’t believe the numbers of people dying they saw on tv.  So they went out and crime went up and cops got busy again and attitudes (both sides of the law) got warped again.  It was no longer us against the virus.  It was once again a thing of color, money, society. 

Healthcare workers trying to do their jobs safely

If you have money and the right skin color, you can get the medical p.p.e., the testing, the doctors care, the private rooms, everything you need to survive.  And if you were the wrong color, the wrong income bracket, the wrong insurance, the wrong neighborhood.  Well, your survival rate went down, just like that.  Not that medical staff weren’t trying; they were simply understaffed, under-equipped and tired and getting sick themselves.

Tragedy continues to Strike, America!

So, now on top of all of that, you add normal life, people getting sick and dying of all of the usual things.  Tragic, horrible things that we go through, still happening.  Things like crime, people killed in hit and run car accidents, robberies, gang related deaths.  Things like accidents, abuse at home, work related accidents, icy roads, falling at home, accidental shootings.  Then of course, things like Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Heart attacks, complications from surgeries, and of course natural causes.  Yep, the world is still here, still spinning, it never went away.

It makes you think doesn’t it?  Why are we as a Nation so Hell bent on destroying our Nation instead of healing it? 

And the United States Went to Hell…

Imagine if we as a Nation looked at this crisis not as a Black and White thing or a Rich and Poor thing.  Instead looked at it as a me and my family and friend’s thing?  Do you know anyone whose entire circle of family and friends is one race, one religion?  I do not, however, I do know that depending on where I am at changes how each of us is treated.  When I am out with friends who are Hispanic (for instance) and we are in a primarily Hispanic neighborhood, I am the one who is looked at a little bit off.  Then when we are in a primarily white neighborhood, the table is flipped.

I also am very aware that this is the touchiest subject in America I am the type of person however, who looks at the past and says, “can we get past it?  Learn from it, not repeat our mistakes and grow as a society?”. I should not be punished for something that someone did to another person 155+ years ago?  Slavery was ended in 1865, Child labor was outlawed in 1938, (82 years ago).  I believe that we as a people should learn from the error of our ancestors and move on from it.  Just like having a slum landlord in the neighborhood.  Once you manage to get that one kicked out, the building sold and remodeled, you do not punish the new landlord for the sins of the last one.

Rebuild, Retrain, Rise like the Phoenix America!

So, I believe that this is where I end talking about the world went to Hell.  Because it has, but we as a people, united can put out the flames and rebuild something greater from it.  Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.  That being said, let’s stop burning, destroying, and trashing America.  It is the only one we have; we have done enough damage these past few months.  Let’s retrain the bad apples or get rid of them, punish who needs punished and Move on America, the world never went away, it’s moving past us.

I sincerely hope that you, the reader takes my words in the heart that they are meant to be. I have no hatred for anyone in my soul. I want the world, the U.S. to stop, look around at how we treat each other and be better at it. Quit be so Fucking judgemental and start being nice and realize that every person acts the way they do for a reason. So take a deep breath, listen and you will realize that the world never went away and yes we can stop it from spinning out of control. We simply need the Love and the Guts to do so.

Namaste ~ Momma Janet ~