Great Reasons You Should be Working from Home!

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So, here you are ~ looking for great reasons to be working from home.  Full time, part time, whatever the situation is, and you are not sure if it is great or bad to work from home.  This is what I have found out about working from home by asking questions, doing research and of course my own experience.  Back when I was in the hospitality business as a District Manager, I had a home office where I worked from home regularly. Here are the great reasons to be working from home! 

And that is where I was working from home about 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week (after working in my locations for 10+hours). Plus, I worked my 6th day and sometimes my 7th day of every week in my home office catching up paperwork, having meetings with uplines and downlines via video conferencing.  Well now I work from home, for the last 8+ years.  I do have experience and know a lot of the ins and outs of what it takes and the pitfalls too.  Now, here are the reasons that you should take advantage and work from home when your employer offers it.

So take a few, read a bit and weigh out your options ~~

Your Office Can Be Anywhere~ and I Mean Anywhere!  Think about it, I am not talking about going to the kitchen table from your den.  You can go sit poolside at a table under an umbrella and enjoy the great summer weather (or winter in the south).  So now, the kids want to go to the playground and you still have work to do?  Grab the laptop, go to the playground, and grab a picnic table and set up remotely.  This of course depends on the type of work that you do.  If you write, do research or computer work, this is an option! What a great reason to be working from home!

Not enough hours in the day or days in the week

Your Schedule Can Be Your Own ~ With everything going on right now, many employers have allowed some of their staff to have an even greater reason to work from home where feasible.   Now, some of those employers have even stated that they are going to allow a portion of their staff to remain working from home once things go back to the “new” normal.  If your work is the type of work where you do not have to attend meetings and deal with clients, you may be able to adjust your schedule to suit your own. 

Well, when you’re remote and need to really concentrate, you can just change your status in the office group chat or website, to “do not disturb” and buckle down.  The same for any social media you are on.  Switch it off or to “do not disturb”.

So now, if you are an early bird like me, rejoice, I wake up at about 4am and can begin working before I do my 530am workout.  Next, I work for about 45 minutes, then get ready to do my workout, that lasts until about 6am.  Finally, I then finish up with a fast walk of about 40 minutes, come home and shower.  After that I start my workday again.  I pour some coffee, grab a bite, and sit down at the computer to do research, do a post or work on another part of our business. 

Talk about working my schedule around my Life!  This is how it is supposed to work. And you can also rejoice if you are a born night owl!  Imagine being able to sleep late and start your “day job” at 8pm and still be on time. I now have a great reason to work from home.

If you are a website developer, a remote worker, a data entry worker, a medical transcriptionist, a social media manager, or one of many other work from home jobs that do not have set hours, you can work from home and around your life.

You Can Actually Have Enjoyable and Effective Meetings ~ So Tell me, do you know anybody besides maybe your Boss (or the person in charge of the meeting) that really enjoys the meetings?  Probably only a few can answer that yes.  Having been the Boss, in charge of the meetings, I know that it is not always enjoyable holding those meetings.

But let’s talk about it from your point of view.  How much free coffee, free donuts, bagels, or fruit does it take for you to enjoy being next to some guy or gal sitting there fidgeting?  Shuffling papers, clicking pens, searching for notes, slurping coffee or whatever they are doing.  How much of that free stuff does it take for you to enjoy the meeting and get past that annoyance?  The room is always too hot or too cold, too crowded, too noisy.  And of course it takes 10 or more minutes to get everyone to settle in to start the meeting!

So now, let’s compare the video conference meeting.  Once you get past the apprehension of talking via a video, think about this.  You can be ready on time, have your snack of choice, drink of choice, and with a quick click, the Boss can mute everyone once the basic rollcall is done.  Then as people have the need or desire to talk, the Boss unmutes them.  

 In the side chat feature, you can communicate more, connect better; also a great way to share any documents quickly without wasting paper.  No outside cell phones ringing, no interruptions.  The meeting can be more efficient and done faster.  And you can now avoid office politics and the games that sometimes come at work.  You cannot choose your co-workers, just like family.  You are kind of stuck with them.  However, now that you are working remotely, your time with the office gossips and politics is limited.  You can also limit it even more by that “do not disturb” sign in the room.  What a great bonus!

The next best thing? Pick up the phone to congratulate someone after a job well done, or the completion of a project rather than sending an impersonal email or IM.

You Can Keep in Touch More Easily—and Maybe Have Some Fun Doing It! Some people are afraid that they’ll be lonely or left out when they work from home.  By no means does this need to be true.  Think about the options.  I know how much people Love & Dread office parties.  Birthday parties, work anniversaries, promotions, etc.  Oh they can be such a nice break from the day; now I am behind for the day.  Oh Cake and a long hoagie that is cut up, along with a variety of sides; now I blew my healthy eating.  And the cards, oh and do I need to buy a gift for every party? 

Now, reminders can be sent out about upcoming special days.  You can do a special effect on a video chat, with balloons, a fun background, or a tropical location.  Or maybe send them a funny, or special GIF or MEME for that day.  You can send it all in a monthly video conference party or a private chat, or even an email.  Be personable, take the time to let them know that you still have that connection.  There are so many options now for remote workers, more apps than I could even begin to mention.

Your Health ~ Mental and Physical, will both improve. Physically ~ you do not need to be tied to that chair!  Just think, no sidelong glances from the coworkers or boss when you need to stand and stretch or want to take a five-minute walk around to get your legs and blood circulating again.  Are you thinking that you must have a big old desk set up in the bedroom or corner?  If so, you are thinking wrong. 

I work from my laptop, right now it is on my desk in the den. So far today it has been at the breakfast bar while I stood up for a while (stand-up desk), then it was outside at my patio set while I enjoyed fresh air and a cup of coffee (fresh air is good for you). I even had it on the coffee table while I sat with my legs folded under me, yoga style and stretched my legs for a bit. I have kept my back from getting sore and kept my legs moving as well today!. 

Mentally ~ working from home gives you an environment that should be more peaceful. Let’s talk about how you make it peaceful. You can lean back in your chair, take a deep breath, and count to ten, then breath out slowly. There are so many things that you can do to enable yourself to have a peaceful experience working from home. Soft music that you enjoy playing in the background will make your environment less stressful!. 

Maybe add in a candle (even one of those flame-less one’s are great).  I also love the miniature waterfalls for the home or office.  The sound of water flowing across rocks or pebbles is one of the most soothing sounds.  You now can make your office the way you want it, not the sterile, picture free environment that your company expects in their building.  Working from home means you will learn to rely on your own motivation, discipline, focus, and concentration, all skills that if you do not have, you will learn to build.

You might make more money ~ According to one study, on average work from home workers average 28% more than their counterparts. Imagine that, stay at home, and earn more for doing it. You may wonder why you can make more money from home. The answer is, ask for it. You can ask for it with these reasons in hand, you are saving the company money. They are saving money on the utilities it would cost them for your office space to be up and running. They are saving money on the computer system that they are supplying (unless they send you home with one). More money is saved on the snacks they may supply, the water cooler, the coffee, the occasional lunches they bring in, the office supplies and more.

You Can Learn More and Become More Independent ~  So, once you get past the running around like a kid in a candy shop (set free from the constraints of an office), you will begin to develop new skills.  First, you will learn that you do not have to run over to the tech guru for every little thing.  So now you will not need to have the person in the cubicle next to you “just give it a look”.

You will learn to trust your own instincts more, you will learn to do more research on your own and be proactive, not reactive.  You will search for answers on your own and learn to refine your skills.  One skill you will refine as needed is your writing skills!  You can use this app to help with your letter writing skills.  There are apps on web developing sites that you need to make sure are active to help if you are a web developer, Blogger, or something similar.

For instance “Yoast Seo”, will show you your readability, punctuation, and run-on sentences.  Of course you can always use Google search or go to your company’s website or Wiki to find some answers.  Try downloading this blog for some more answers also :  there is some great information there.  You will become a communications expert; you must get up to speed on what communication tools are available.  If you are not comfortable with the tools, it is time to ask for help if needed and get comfortable with texting, Skyping, emailing, web meetings, you need to become very savvy in all of those.”

Remember on your journey to being more independent and working your own schedule to be sensitive to others needs.  Your co-workers are still your co-workers, different schedules, and all.  When it is time for meetings, phone call and various conferences, be considerate.  Take the time to schedule those types of things during your old “normal” work hours.  These are great Life skills to Master as well.

You have no commute ~ Time, oh did I mention Time.  What a wonderful idea to have time of your own!  Here in Phoenix an hour commute to work is no big deal.  In New York, I have friends who drive to the rail station, pay to park their car in the lot (monthly fee) and then ride the train to NYC to work.  Then they either cab, ride share, bus (or walk in the summer) to work.  Their commute is anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours, each way, every day.  Imagine the hours you save every day, every week by working from home.

You will save your company money and can potentially get paid more ~ You are saving the company money.  They are saving money on the utilities it would cost them for your office space to be up and running.  They are saving money on the computer system that they are supplying (unless they send you home with one).   No office supplies like printer paper, printers, stapler, staples, desk, lights, bulletin board, etc. They may be saving money on HR, IT and more.  More money is saved on the snacks they may supply, the water cooler, the coffee, the occasional lunches they bring in, the office supplies and more.  And they ideally offer an allowance for these things, you need to ask!

More time for Friends & Family ~ How much do you value your time with your family, your friends?  I find that I am willing to work from home and rearrange my schedule to make the time for the moments that count to us.  I can take the long weekend when we are able, I am able to enjoy teaching them how to cook and we enjoy family dinners now also.  No cell phones, tv’s or constant interruptions while we enjoy our time together.  We do family movie night and family game nights now also.  We are able and willing to open our door to friends and family for quality time now.  Because we no longer feel that we have no time together and life has relaxed a bit.

You Really will save money ~You will save money on gas, that is an obvious one.            

Car maintenance is next, less oil changes, less wear and tear on tires, so less money there too!

Don’t forget, pick up the phone and let your insurance agent know that you no longer commute to work and ask for a discount.  Most companies give a discount for less miles and people who work from home.

Better yet, if you are a multi-car family, after a few months of working from home, re-evaluate things.  This is the time to look and see how much you use that second vehicle.  Is it feasible to sell one and save on everything related to owning that second car?

What else, you ask? Food!  You may be a frugal person who takes their lunch most days of the week.  But honestly, do you go out to eat lunch on paydays?  Buy snacks at a vending machine?  Grab a coffee on your way in to work daily?  Think of all the money you will save on buying what you really want for lunch, and snacks and eating it at home; feet propped up watching tv or listening to music while you are on break.  That’s the life. 

Designer coffee you say, they are so easy to make at home!  It is all about being prepared and having a great coffee pot.  And no, you do not need to rush out and buy the most expensive one money can buy.  Most of them are not that difficult to make.  The reason people do not make them at home is social interaction and basic laziness.

Your wardrobe ~ Man or woman, most people spend extra money on work clothes, work shoes, etc.  No more forcing yourself into a suit or uncomfortable work outfit and shoes that you only wear to work.  Because they are not your style anywhere else.  All this wearing casual clothes to work at home equals less money spent. 

Now, I am not talking about working in your pajamas, that leads to less productivity for most people.  I am talking about a decent outfit that is comfortable enough to relax in; an outfit that also looks good for a zoom meeting!  You will also still have the clothes you were wearing to work; you will get a longer life out of those and can wear them for zoom meetings if need be or that occasional trip to the office.  Ok, and let’s be honest here; if you really want to work in your pajamas, you can.

Dry cleaning ~ Some people take their work wardrobe to the dry-cleaner’s.  Less use of those clothes means less money spent on it.  The clothes you wear to work now, should be the type that go into your washing machine.

Gym costs ~ Many people that work from home give up their gym memberships in lieu of buying a home setup, like a treadmill & weights.  Or they go for a family membership near their home that is less expensive than the one most people go with (close to work).  A lot of people fit their workout into their breaks in the day.  They go for a walk, do some sort of stretching, yoga or walk the dog during lunch.  Moving around more helps keep you healthier.

Our Pugs
Our Pugs

Dog sitters ~ or doggy daycare.  I know quite a few people who have pets and either hire a dog sitter who comes to their home to walk and feed their dog daily, or they take their dog to doggy daycare.  Well, if you are working from home, that is no longer needed.  You can walk the dog during your breaks.  This is good for both you and your pet.  It is a proven fact that pets reduce stress.  Plus, well, exercise is good for everyone!

Tax Deductions on Office space for work from home ~ Check with your accountant for the exact deductions you can make.  Once you have done this, you will be amazed at what is deductible, more than most people would have ever thought!

Next, I would like to just say that in working from home, or remotely, you need to communicate better than you did when you worked in an office; this is how you create your future.  Begin by responding right away to emails, even if it is just a quick note with “I got it and will get back to you later today”.  Work your schedule around those conference calls, those video conferences.  Make sure you have your time set up so that there are no distractions and no noises in the background. 

Things like dogs barking, phones ringing, or loud tv’s.  Make sure that you touch base with the office on a regular basis at a regular time.  Show them that you are holding yourself accountable by sending that morning email or phoning the Boss.   Maybe now, your employer will see that you can be a better worker; show yourself that you can be a better person.  You are suddenly working from home and knowing that you can do a great job is the first step to success.  The key, is to set your mind to the pathway of success, enjoy it while you are there. 

I hope that you enjoy having a new freedom to a Healthier Mind and Body while Making more Money from home ~ Namaste ~ Momma Janet

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