Have you Ever Wondered…

How on earth all of the these people that make money from home Really Make Money, keep a schedule and Survive? How about I tell you, the things they do not tell you…

I could write a book about it! Let’s start with me, I am going to be open and honest with you here. You may think “Holy Guacamole” and either Love my honesty or hate it. But here goes.

Let’s talk about affiliate marketing/affiliate businesses and how it works. You pay a fee to represent a company and sell their products for a markup of some sort. That is if it all goes well. Some of these companies, if you time it just right, you can become an affiliate for no cost. Usually those are clothing companies.

Like me, I was able to buy a few pair of leggings and sign up for no extra cost to sell them. Now that is a win-win situation. I got Really cute leggings that I Love and I get to make a little cash on the side! I did this two times, for two different “legging” companies. But, they both sell so much more, the second one I got a super cute top that is so figure flattering.

So, for my nutrition & skin care line, I pay a fee for the year and it enables me to get my products at a discount. I can make money by offering the products to help others out too. I Love helping people too. I used the nutrition to get back in shape this spring and clear up some bad stomach aches I was having. Found out I too have issues with dairy (like so many others).

For affiliate marketing it has so many possibilities! But is a Lot of Work! Do not let anyone tell you that it is not! You must dedicate time for this regularly. The best way to do it is Every single Day! This particular type of work from home job cannot be done once in a blue moon. And it can run into some Major money! This can bleed you dry if you buy into everything that the “guru” you follow offers.

Ok, some types of work from home jobs are the ones’ where you spend a lot of time setting up a website and posting things that you are selling for print on demand. But once that is done, you can do this type of job on weekends.

And then there are the types of businesses where you “just” invest your money. Risky yes, but I have found this to be very lucrative. If you have “real” money to invest, just email me and I will send your info on to the right people.

So, here is how my life goes…

I do all the above and I help my guy with his podcast. So some people think that I do nothing all day because I am retired and “have this hobby where I just work” from home (their way of putting it). I manage to mostly make my schedule flexible and I work around debilitating migraines and other health issues.

My typical day is, get up and take care of our pugs, and have a cup of coffee out on the patio after our morning walk.Our Pugs

Where I buy my Coffee!

If I do not sit down and sit still while they eat breakfast on the patio, I don’t manage to sit down most of the day. Oh and my average day starts between 6 and 7 in the morning. Our morning walk and coffee is done by 8am. Then I start my day in earnest, make a shake for breakfast if Patrick hasn’t made it for me yet. I then start editing whatever Youtube video I made the day before. After it is done editing I schedule it to post for the next day or day after.

After that I go to online and work on social media. I also do any reach-outs to anyone that has expressed interest in any of my companies that I represent. This can be interest from online, in person or from a local flyer I put up.

I went through the phase where I did Exactly what my “uplines” said to do “if it works for everyone else it will work for you”. So I handed out tons of samples and it didn’t work. I was informed that I did it wrong, so I tried it again, in fact two times! The last time, I even gave out well over $100 in full size “samples” to the local fire department. I asked them for their feedback in return. I left them surveys to fill out, I left them business cards and even Thank you gifts IN ADVANCE for taking the time to give me their opinion of the products I wanted them to try out. So what I received from all of this was the knowledge to not give out samples. I followed up with the exact people I gave the product to and they had no knowledge at all where it went. Not even the ceramic coffee cups I left them! All that was left was my business card on the counter. I followed up every few days and at the one month mark, I honestly just gave up. My faith in humanity has remained the same, Fireman…Not so much….

So, I spend anywhere from an hour to a few hours out and about handing out information to prospective team members, clients, etc.. Touching, seeing, talking to real people out and about in some way shape or form. Every person that I talk to can be a business contact of some sort. And no, I don’t introduce myself and say something like “I’d like to sell you to tell you”. It takes time to get your own spiel down, it has to be your story and it has to be real.

When I get home it is more computer time, time for some housework, phone calls, and learning more. I take advantage of all the training offered by everything I am part of. I try to spend about an hour a day on the internet going over new (to me) training and then I read some sort of self-improvement book. Something that will help my brain, my business, my self-image, something like that. Even when I play a game on my phone it is normally something that stimulates my brain.

Usually about 430pm I am taking a break to spend time with my guy before he goes to work. At 5pm I begin getting my end (of our bargain) of helping him out the door. Normally this is an easy process, but we have pugs. And if you have pugs you know what I mean. If you don’t ask someone who does, lol. They have to walk Pug-Daddy (as I call him sometimes) to the car, then I take them for one of their nighttime walks. Then I have more time to work on my business before I pay any bills, start my housework and laundry for the night. I finally settle in and do my workout at night if I missed it in the morning. I then do a video if I have any content ready to go.

Typically my work night ends at about 9 or 10 at night. This is my schedule about 4 days a week. Some weeks it is a 6 day a week thing. I try very hard to not let it run into my Sundays’. I believe it is important to set a day aside for family time, relaxation time. While we do work our businesses on Sunday, it rarely runs into a 15 hour day. I glance up and realize that I have to proof this, add pics to it, then publish it. Oh yes and still do a video tonight and then there’s dinner to eat yet. Did I mention that it is now 8:56pm? Living the dream baby…last night I fell asleep with my laptop on my bed. I last looked at the clock at 1230am, oh I guess that makes it today, doesn’t it?

So, this is a day in the life, so to speak. And with Patricks’ Podcast being fairly new, this will be adjusted to accommodate that also. I am his helper, his sounding board, his co-host. Just like he is my everything for all that I do. He has websites, the podcast, we do our marketing and investing together. Oh yeah and he holds down that Fun thing called a 20 year JOB.

Someday, we have a dream and are working on it. That is the top of the list, him getting out from behind the wheel of that 18wheeler. And then living the life we want… pic is from our first Phoenix Open.