You Blinked, didn’t you?

That’s how it feels doesn’t it? When you have your own Business! Whether it is a brick & mortar business or a part time home office business working from the kitchen table.

You know you have So many tasks to get done and your head is spinning and OH MY GOD!! WTF?! How is it that there is Never enough hours in the Day?! How do people do this?! Do they Ever Sleep, or how about eat a normal meal with their family?

Ok now, STOP… TAKE A DEEP BREATH…You are not alone. A thousand souls have walked this path before and figured it out and so can you. So STOP, SIT BACK, BREATH… Now, Let’s Chat…

This is where you sit back, take control and plan. It may feel like you are taking time away from your business. However in the long run, you are saving your business and making it profitable too! Not to mention finding that ever-so-needed family time (or you time)!

So, my experience is as part of a team of two who works from home, running multiple businesses. Which means I have walked in your shoes. I know what it feels like to have your head spinning and go to sleep tired and wake up tired. Because your sleep was not sleep at all, just a series of tossing and turning.

Here is where we turned and what we did. We made sure that what we were doing was what we were passionate about. Let me say that again so it sinks in. Make Sure that whatever business you are doing is what you are PASSIONATE about! If Not, you will tire of it and it will fail. What is your passion? Here is how we made sure that we found our (individual and combined) passions. Which is why we now have more than one home business! My Passion, His Passion, Our Passion. It does not have to be the same!

First off, This takes work! It will help you, find your passion, if you are looking for good honest work. Not a get rich quick scheme, I will put a link in the bottom of this that is a truly good offer that works. IF YOU WORK IT.

That being said, let’s get you organized. Get a book, a day planner, something you need to physically write in every single day. Not your phone! Let me say it again…Not your phone, a physical book.

You need to sit down every single day, towards the end of your day and plan your next day. If there are things that you know you must do on a daily basis or appointments you have. Write them in for the week. Write in your meals, your exercise time, your job (and travel time to and from it) hours. family time, the time you get up. Figure it all out on a piece of paper first. Take a few hours even. This will get you going and make you realize that you need to set aside specific time to work. Where there is no distractions, no tv, no kids, no friends poppin by, etc. Take breaks as needed an account for them to take care of things like these.

But once you write it all down in Black and White; Reality hits of just exactly how much time you actually have to & need to spend on your business. Oh and so many people get so caught up! Planning and setting up their new office and buying things to look professional then what happened?

What happened is that 6 months down the road they spent a ton of money on making it look good and organized that they haven’t done any work and it is all making them go bankrupt. And YEP!! POOF! ANOTHER SMALL BUSINESS GOES UP IN SMOKE.

So, what we have found to be the key to being productive and successful. Has been being organized. Everything from writing down our schedules in our own daily planners, to having a book for bills an a family calendar for family events. To planning out meals, housework, his outside job. All of our home businesses having their own times allotted in the schedules and of course, family time. It has worked for us, it has worked for the multiple people that have told us about it too.

If you are looking for ways to get more organized, reach out to me! If you are looking to make money from home, I Love what I do! We have several businesses. What is your interest?

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