Are you have Issues with Your Skin? Oily? Dry? Acne? Hmmm…read on…

So before I start writing, I want to say Thanks to my Mom in Heaven for teaching me so much in life…

If you are having issues with your skin and you are not sure why, let’s step back and take a real look in the mirror to start off! So LITERALLY…get in front of a mirror, take a close up selfie photo or BETTER YET, a Selfie VIDEO and Let’s examine the possibilities!


  • Know your skin type?
    • If you have no makeup on wipe a tissue across your face right now. (If you have makeup on do this when you take it off!)
    • If it comes out with some oil on it from all parts of your face, chances are you have OILY SKIN.
    • If it comes out with oil from your forehead, chin and around your nose, chances are you have COMBINATION SKIN.
    • If it comes off dry or even with dry skin on it, then you probably have DRY SKIN.
    • Does Everything irritate your skin; I’m guessing that you have SENSITIVE SKIN.
  • Wash your face every morning and night?  No matter what your skin type is, this is a MUST!
  • But, and that is a Major But!  Make sure you are using the right product for your skin type.  Most product lines now (My Arbonne included…there is a link here on my website) has an entire line of products for different skin types.  If you are in doubt, ASK FOR HELP!  Ask a friend, ask your doctor for advice, even the gal or guy that works at the beauty counter of a major store.  You can always message me, just be prepared for me to ask for pictures, and a chat!

Ok!  So now you Know your skin type, What is Next?

  • Learn to take care of it!  I have a YouTube video exactly on this subject.  Right below here is the link, it should be a good visual aide for you!



  • Here are some really good basic tips that I’d like to share!
    • Never go to bed with makeup on or without washing your face, even if you do not wear makeup.
    • Find a great moisturizer for your skin type and use it every night and every morning after you wash your face.
    • If you are using a skin firming gel or cream, it goes on (with most brands) in the morning after washing and before moisturizing.
    • If you are going to be outside, even on a cloudy day, use a product with a sunscreen in it.  Most makeup bases, BB creams, many moisturizers even have sun screen in them.  Not using sun screen when you are young…you Will regret it later in life!
    • Don’t pull, or tug or rub your eyes/eyelids when putting on eyeliner, eye-shadow, mascara or brow pencil.  Or when removing your makeup or washing your faceIt causes loose skin and wrinkles with time.
    • Don’t use Harsh chemicals on your face.  If you cannot find gentle, pure facial products, contact me.
    • Test anything new that is going on your face in a small place.  I test on the inside of my wrist; the skin there is tender, like your face. If you insist on testing on your face, do a small patch on your cheek.
    • Do use your skin care products on your neck and decolletage.  The skin on your neck is as tender as your face, take care of it like you do your face.
    • If your water sucks, go buy a gallon of water and use it for your face & neck.  You can buy a gallon then refill it at a machine (that almost every big box store and grocery store has) for about 35 cents.  It is worth every penny and room temp is so good on your skin.
    • Don’t wash your face in a hot shower!  It will damage and dry out your face and all of your skin.  If you insist on super hot water, wash your face in cool water in the sink afterwards.
    • Don’t Over-use masks (i.e. facials)!  They are not made to be used every couple days.  This will damage your skin, almost guaranteed.
    • If you wear so much makeup that it takes you over an hour to put it on and another hour to take it off And, you are not even recognizable as the same person with and without makeup.  You may be damaging your skin.  Look at some of the celebrities who have worn tons of makeup and then had to have plastic surgery to make up for it.  Makeup can make your skin sag if you pile it on that heavy.

So, I hope you found some useful information and if you need or want to reach out to me with any questions about skin care, please do so right here reach out to me. I wasn’t really taught a lot about skin care growing up, just to wash, moisturize and not go to bed with makeup on.  That was truly it, no facials, no plucking unwanted hair, trimming eyebrows, no importance of routines etc… However, my Mom did make sure that I knew and had the basics embedded into my brain.

So this Blog is for my Mom, I hope she knew how much I appreciated her knowledge that she always handed down to me.

~Namaste~Much Love~Janet




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