An inexpensive shop to set up that gives a residual income with very little work
A link to one of my side hustles

Everyone is looking for that way to make just a little side cash. I mean honestly, who wouldn’t want to have a side hustle to do when and where they wanted to? To set their own limits about when they “work” or how hard they work or how much money they bring in for their efforts?

Imagine that type of side hustle!

The type of side hustle where you set the limits and boundaries, not the other way around. What do you think? Does it really exist? Or is it just a dream for those of us “regular” people who were not born with a golden spoon in our mouth. Or handed everything due to some government policy.

Is Anything possible?

I for one would like to Believe that Anything is possible. With the right attitude, motivation, and maybe a little luck. Oh yeah and maybe someone else that did a little research for you. Someone like me maybe. I spend time every week checking out what is real and what is not for making money online and in apps on a phone. 95% of what you see, especially in apps is a scam, or borerline scam that is nearly impossible to achieve.

A link to show that you can make money with a store online.
A real way to make money on the side

A Game, A Side Hustle or just a Hustle?

For example, what is popular right now is all of these apps on the phone to play games and get Cash! Real Cash paid to your PayPal (c) account directly. Well, I am not a “gamer” per-say, I am however into puzzles, crossword, seek and find, block, etc. I got into after my second TBI at the recommendation of my Neurologist. He told me keep your brain active, it helps heal your brain and it also helps prevent the aging of the human brain. Things like dementia and Alzheimer’s are much less a worry if you stay healthy and active both mentally and physically.

A link to making money on the side that really works
Another side hustle that really works

Money for gaming on your phone?

So what I did was install a few of these puzzle games that “pay” on my phone. The first one is a crossword puzzle that “cashes out” to your PayPal account when you reach $150. The puzzles begin pretty easy, if you need a hint, you watch a video to earn coins to get the hints. sometimes the video’s give you cash towards your $150.00 goal. Sometimes it is the puzzle that pays you. In the beginning the payouts are a few dollars each. Then the trickle down theory begins, you might end up doing 50 puzzles for 25 cents. I happen to enjoy their puzzles and am curious as to how far I need to go to get to the $150 goal to cash out. I am currently at level 507, my “cash” balance has been $149.99 since level 450, maybe it was level 440.

There is another one I am trying out that you are basically shaking a tree to get money from it. When you get enough money you can go to the money tab and cash out for as little as $10. You must have your email linked in that goes to your PayPal account. Your other option to verify is to have watched enough video’s (they pop up) you can cash out. So, I linked up my email and received an error message on the $10 & $500 PayPal transfers. Next, I had to write in and they are back in the send Queue, the $700 & $1000 amounts are processing. Depending on which amount the wait time is, 131 hours to 381 hours. Yes, you read it correctly. That is about 5 to 16 days.

Do Tell, Wat is Next?

What is next for me is to continue to do some research as I do my puzzles and keep my brain active. I have yet to get any money off of the games, puzzles and like that are on my phone. They all take up time, they all have you watching promo ads, even wen they say you are not going to need to. Later, I will of course do an update down the road and y’all know if I actually get paid off of any of these games. I will let you know which ones paid me and which ones did not.

And of course, I also will continue to get my side hustle ~ cash from the same old apps that I have been using day in and day out for several years now. On my previous Blog I gave a few of the ways that I save and some ways that I get cash back in rebates. For now, go check those out, I will add more on down the road. For now though, that is it, enjoy.

Namaste ~ Momma Janet