How Has Your Life Been Lately?

So here we are in March of 2021. My what a lot has transpired since I opened my laptop and wrote last fall. How has life been lately, well…

Like so many of you, I too lost a loved one this past year. My father passed away. From an accident at home.

He was a rock in my world. I compare every man in my life to him. He is how I set my standards. I was so very Blessed to have had both him and my Mother as parents. Life has not been so great the last year. In fact it kinda sucked.

And Life goes on…sorta

So, now you know the rest of the story! Where did this Blogger go to these last 8 months or so?!?!

A little bit crazy, that is so true. But that sums up all of 2020 for our entire world if you ask me.

So, last year started out with a great big bang. Lots of predictions about 2020! Hmmm… I wonder what Nostradamus had to say about it. How would he feel about how life has been lately? Did he predict this also? The Coronavirus/Covid-19/Pandemic/Covid. I know it has other names. Blue death, Chinese bat plaque? I am sure I do not know.

Poorer, a bit more scrappy too

But I do know all about the cycle of how the year went. And how it seems like this year (2021) is damn near a continuation of last year. Except, we are now a poorer, scrappier version of ourselves from 01/01/2020. I just wish that it had hit more than just us, the middle class and poor. How is it that I lost so much money, several of my home-based businesses went under? Yet, the people (rich) I do business with and “learn” from got richer this past year? How has their life been lately, better than most I believe. Dude…that’s seriously messed up. Trying to keep the language clean here.

So when the shit first hit the fan last year. Most of America was like. “Hand me a beer and let’s watch this shit hit China and then Europe”. When it hit a few of the big City’s here, we still had that mentality. You know, hold my beer, and watch this.

At first it was masks, then a little social distancing. Then work from home and we can stop this virus lickety-split! Ummm, that didn’t work so well. Then came home schooling and suddenly Moms & Dads’ were teachers too. They had to divide homes, apartments, rooms into offices’, classrooms (plural for multiple kids) I am guessing that any parents now appreciate teachers a bit more!

Well then, here we are. the third month of 2021. How has your life been lately? What has changed for you since a year ago? Tons for me, something to ponder on isn’t it.

Namaste ~ Momma Janet