So…I Am Gonna say the “C” word!

Yes, Christmas…there, I said it. Even before my favorite Holiday, Thanksgiving. People ask why I prefer Thanksgiving over Christmas. It is easy to me. That is when I start cooking and baking and the house gets decorated. That is the beginning of the reason.

I used to Love Christmas, no lie. The beauty of all the decorations, the look of the houses when there is fresh snow. I have lived in places where there was caroling and events in the town square.

And there is nothing on earth like Christmas eve Mass to me. The serenity of the feeling of going to Mass with loved ones, surrounded by friends and people you have known for years. Celebrating the joy of the season together. To me that is Christmas.

But I digress, now it is rushing to the store on Thanksgiving and fighting over things we don’t really need to buy. And Black Friday might as well be known as Fist Fight Friday. I quit enjoying the season as I have watched the fights over the years over t.v.’s and shoes and toys that kids don’t need. Notice I said Need. We have homeless people going without food and sleeping in the cold. Yet we have people fighting over the newest phone, the largest t.v. and the most popular games for presents for their kids.

Where did Thanksgiving go? I know some will fight and argue about the pilgrims and such. But I look at as a day to give thanks for all the people in my life. I give thanks for my health and the health of those that I love. I am thankful for the jobs that my family have, the fact that all of us have a roof over our heads and food on our tables. I am thankful for my man, and for my father who will be celebrating his ninety-second birthday just before Thanksgiving. I am thankful that my brothers’ (& their family’s) are all here on earth to celebrate yet another holiday season. I am thankful for my man’s family in our life. The continued health and the happiness of our blended family is all any woman could ask for.

So tell me, how do we fix what is broken in our society? How do we take a society that is so wrapped up in the next new thing, new phone, new game, new shoes, etc… that we are willing to fight over it, hurt others for the sake of entertainment?

Much Love ~ Momma Janet

3 thoughts on “So…I Am Gonna say the “C” word!”

  1. Is there a way to fix it? I feel society is long to gone to fix, however, if this generation that’s having kids starts instilling some of the morals and values we grew up on… there might be a chance to mend it. It won’t ever be fixed.

    1. It is up to Our generation to help the next generation remember how important morals and values truly are more important than the next new thing. We built “this monster” as some call them, so we must fix them and not by degrading them.

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